VPS Servers now avaible

  • Donderdag, 2e Januari, 2020
  • 09:19s'morgens

hey all,

We at serverhosting.tech are proud to announce our new technology

We are using a system to provide optimal results, our backend is connected to a 10GBit network

We use the advanced system called Cyph with serperate networks to provide optimal speed and quality

Our system is clustered , so in case something goes wrong you as client do not notice it 

This make it possible for us to do maintenance with out you as client having any trouble

Also in case of a server crash we got you covered, our system autmatic migrate you over to a new server and that with out any downtime (maybe a little bit of lag ) 

The control panel is also intregrated into whmcs so you can maange your server with out problems

Even reinstalls are done with out a hassle, just select the iso we provide and you can do your install

for the users who like to have things easy , they can use a pre made template for the LXC containers, so your server is up and running in less then 5 min

Enoy our service , for questions feel free to contact us  

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